The Siege of Ferguson


Join us on the latest episode of NWAP where we with heavy hearts and consciences discuss the tragic events around the execution of Mike Brown and the resultant military-style crackdown on the neighborhoods of Ferguson, Missouri. This episode features an interview with @Nettaaaaaaaa , a protester on the ground in the Ferguson community. We later discuss the actual circumstances of the killing, the media, public and police response, and how they echo within the larger community. Check out the far-reaching set of topics and check out @OleNerdyBastard’s chilling piece after shoutouts to the community on the front lines in Ferguson.

TO HELP PROTESTERS IN FERGUSON PLEASE SEND FUNDS VIA PAYPAL TO If you have any reservations about credibility, hit any one of us on twitter and we’ll link you with the appropriate people.





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3 responses to “The Siege of Ferguson

  1. Suzanne

    On non-violence, accounts of y’all fighting with the police would have made it a lot harder for my conservative family members to listen to me telling them the police reaction was stupid and unnecessary and counterproductive like accounts of raised arms being met with tear gas and rubber bullets did. I have no right to tell you not to fight back. I do want you to know the point isn’t convincing the police to stop hitting you, it’s to make the rest of the world stand up and make them stop.

    Jesus wasn’t crucified because he was non-violent. Plenty of more war like profits were executed in his time. Jesus was crucified because enough people didn’t try to stop it. Jesus needed Twitter 😊

    • Suzanne

      PS Keep the ball rolling. People need to keep pressure on politicians and police departments to install cameras and give up unneeded weaponry. It’s not all that’s needed by far, but it’s a good start, maybe?

  2. Reblogged this on Memoirs of a Storyteller and commented:
    Very well done. Poem at the end of the podcast is superb and this overall discussion was on point. Keep up the great work. This is a must listen episode.

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