Ep. 23: ASG Voting, Temecula, NYPD, Oprah and more


In this week’s episode the NWAP crew discusses the NBA All-Star game voting and Kobe likely being a starter…and on another Kobe-related topic discusses My Tweets Real AF and the Battle of Temecula. We also talk about the NYPD’s recent controversy with the mayor and Oprah’s comments on the protests surrounding Ferguson. Barbershop talk is a discussion of our Top 5 comedians and New Year’s Resolutions.

Happy New Year and thanks for staying with us and helping us grow over 2014. 2015 will be even bigger and better!

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about how to move forward. We’d appreciate it!




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2 responses to “Ep. 23: ASG Voting, Temecula, NYPD, Oprah and more

  1. edot__

    Great podcast!! Listen to it every week. Tunde! Bill Burr is ALL over Netflix. His specials are hilarious.

  2. Soze @QaizerSoze on Twitter

    I really enjoy your podcast. Its like current events through the eyes of young black intellectual men. But not those Touré/Don Lemon types. Anyway in regard to your comments about Oprah… She’s not down with us & never has been. She has a very antiquated ideology on how “movements” are supposed to operate. In fact the differences in how she & Bill Cosby view young Black America are only slight. She has a multi-million dollar production company & chose to make a movie about MLK. Because we don’t learn enough about MLK in this country. I’m ranting. I respect that she was able to work to be in her position but as one of you so eloquently put it: “fuck Oprah.”

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