Ep. 26: Jerame Reid, “Suppressing Blackness,” State of the Union and More

NWAPcast-logoIn this week’s episode the crew discusses the police killing of Jerame Reid in a traffic stop in NJ, a trending article about “Suppressing Blackness,” President Obama’s State of the Union Address, and holds the NWADraft for our best NBA 3-man rosters. Take the poll for best roster here:

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As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about how to move forward. We’d appreciate it!




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3 responses to “Ep. 26: Jerame Reid, “Suppressing Blackness,” State of the Union and More

  1. Gem

    another great episode, gents!

    quote of the week: “fuck these white people – eat yo watermelon!”
    runner up: “white people don’t care about you that much”

    i’ve never been uncomfortable with talking about race with non-Blacks. my parents were always very open and honest about their thoughts on race and i grew up in a fairly diverse city (though still mostly white). i’ve never felt ashamed to point racial instances out to my non-Black compatriots. i’ll be damned if i tip toe around issues that bother me to make some one else feel comfortable or safe in their bullshit post-racial bubble.

    that’s my 2 cent. looking forward to what yall have to say about the man of the moment Marshawn BeastMode Lynch next week!

  2. Look I don’t know that much about politics but President Obama, I think is doing what he thinks is best. He is the first person in the history of this country to be in the position he is in. I think for the most part he is playing his cards right, so there can be another black president in the near future. I mean really, if he goes so far right, or too left and doesn’t walk the center I think it would be a long time coming before they have another one. Look at the UK Margaret Thatcher was nicknamed the Iron Lady. They are on their fourth prime minister since her service in office. Her presence divided the country. When will they get another woman or a minority? Sometimes it is about the long game. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. So we don’t have to wait 20 or so years for another chance at the white house. I’m just saying ::shrugs::

    On another note, I don’t think fried chicken is a black thing. Everybody likes fried chicken. I lived in Asia for a few years and they love fried chicken just as much as any American. I think collard greens and fish fry’s are more black than fried chicken…i’m just saying ::shrugs::

    Loved it though, I’m subscribed.

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