Ep. 27: Loretta Lynch, Stacey Dash, Barbershops and More!


On this episode, the NWAP crew and guest @mf_greatest discuss Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing, Stacey Dash’s recent comments, and barbershop etiquette.

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about how to move forward. We’d appreciate it!




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2 responses to “Ep. 27: Loretta Lynch, Stacey Dash, Barbershops and More!

  1. SugahBabe

    Great episode. I loved your guest this week, Maya. She definitely broke down the anxieties women face when they go out. I agree that it’s probably just sheer luck that more of us haven’t been raped. I live in a fairly decent building and neighborhood and I never linger if I’m alone in the underground garage. It can be exhausting to always be in a constant state of high alert. I don’t know if it’ll always keep me safe but I’d prefer to err on the side of caution and paranoia.
    Your barbershop/sharing barbers and shaving heads had me in stitches. When y’all teasingly went in on Maya calling her disrespectful for wanting to use her ex’s barber, I cackled and my husband nodded in agreement. Loved this episode. Thanks guys. Keep going. People are listening. Peace.

  2. Kellybelle

    Love you guys–I give you all the stars.

    I thought your commentary on Stacey Dash and her unfortunate opinions about rape was thoughtful and insightful.

    Just want to make a comment about something Tunde said real quick in passing about UVA. He seemed to suggest that rowing is “white.”

    I row and I’m pretty darn Black. I started two years ago when I was 47. It’s great exercise and relieves stress. I’m also including a link about Anita DeFrantz, an African-American rower who won the bronze in 1976. https://www.nwhm.org/online-exhibits/olympics/olympics13.htm

    #Staywoke, lol.

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