Ep. 30: Trayvon Martin, the Black Panthers, Anthony Mason and More


It’s been three years since Trayvon Martin’s death. The NWAP crew discusses how the world has been changed since that night and where we stand now. We also discuss recent comments comparing the #BlackLivesMatter movement with the Black Panthers.

In sports and entertainment (and Barbershop Talk) we discuss the passing of Anthony Mason and paternity issues.

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about how to move forward. We’d appreciate it!



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One response to “Ep. 30: Trayvon Martin, the Black Panthers, Anthony Mason and More

  1. Man I was side eying your opinions about the baby that turns out not be yours situation. Doesn’t it give you pause for thought when pple like chris rock walk away from a marriage and kids after such a long time? There is more to life than being nice. Being happy ie peace of mind is more important and hopefully that coincides with being nice. One of you kept it 💯. You never thought about the baby father but we’re ready to step into his shoes? That kid will want to know who the dad is if you ever tell them the truth. Also when you argue with your partner this situation will be sitting on your shoulder sipping a cup of tea! The same emotions you spoke about investing during the nine months are the ones that will haunt you cos they were based on a lie. You all are better pple than me and I’m a woman. I pray I’ll never be a step mom so this situation would just be a no no no and no. Love you guys. Hope you’ll visit other podcasts like the read, the champs, the brilliant idiots. I’m sure they’d be an interesting conversation. Sorry for the long post. Still not sure how I feel about reading reviews unless it’s something you guys want to particularly address but it’s all good. Keep it up.

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