Ep. 36: Anniversary Show: MED v Cornel West and the #BaltimoreUprising

NWAP-1-yearIt’s NWAP’s birthday! We’ve been around for a whole year and we’re happy to celebrate it with you, our listeners. This week’s episode features discussion about the Black Intellectual Wars between Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West, the early stages of the protests in Baltimore for Freddie Gray. We also discuss moments from the past year and what age we should have conversations with future children on race.

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about the show and further Q&As. We’d appreciate it!




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4 responses to “Ep. 36: Anniversary Show: MED v Cornel West and the #BaltimoreUprising

  1. Great podcast!

    I dislike both of these cats. Both of them are very intelligent and occasionally makes points but I can’t rock with them. My takeaways from Rapper M.E.D’s control verse is that he made some good points, these two Negroes are petty, this is what happens when black blowhards fight, and I’m waiting for these cats to meet in the street and one slaps the other with a velvet glove.

  2. Ify

    After listening to this episode, a colleague at work brought up the “violence” in Baltimore and said “MLK would not approve of this.” I smiled that infamous clapback smile (the I’m-glad-you-brought-that-up) and said “in the words of fivefitths, ‘MLK is not my daddy'” and proceeded to enlighten him.

    I truly enjoy listening to y’all religiously. As an African living in America, I appreciate having my perspectives challenged and broadened by your insights.

  3. I’ve been listening for a while now and I’ll finally leave a comment because Tune Day/ Talk Seven gave kudos to the protest. I personally went on gofundme to see if I could make donations to my niggas out there making noise. Next time i hope they get bussed to the other side of town. Other than that keep it up I enjoy hearing the news from you guys. Oh yeah driving and commenting.

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