Ep. 41: The Marriage Episode

maxresdefaultTune in this week as the crew (with fivefifths back from his honeymoon) discusses weddings and marriage! From knowing if marriage is right for you, to planning the big day, to whether “happy wife, happy life” is a good saying, we discuss it all!

Also, big shout out to Serena Williams on winning the French Open! Feedback is encouraged. We look forward to seeing your comments!

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about the show and further Q&As. We’d appreciate it!




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4 responses to “Ep. 41: The Marriage Episode

  1. Tunde is right. Strippers at parties are overrated as ***K! Spend that money for the party on liquor, beer, and food with your boys.

    My wedding was dope but stressful. I learned that:

    There’s no such thing as a small wedding no matter how many people come. (We only had like 60 folks.)

    You must protect your bride from some family member or home girl who will say something slick to upset them. As a matter of fact be hyper-vigilant about that.

    Be prepared to order more food later that night after all of the hugging and f***ing. You will be hungry and exhausted after the emotions and adrenaline settle down.

  2. “That wife happy life” move is for suckers.

    All that does is create a one-sided dynamic in what’s supposed to be a partnership.

  3. Lucius Hood

    You cannot make anyone happy because happiness comes from within. You can add to or take away from someone’s happiness but, you cannot make them happy. The ultimate goal is to give maximum effort not so much for the other party but for yourself

  4. Dee

    (Consider this a longform review that I didn’t care to post on iTunes)

    I waited until I was caught up to leave a review so that I could evaluate your full body of work and so that I could “get to know” each of you individually. I’m quite proud that I know your voices without you identifying yourselves. I find myself listening to you guys at work and laughing out loud at some of the more hilarious comments. Tunde, do you think you can go through the next episode without saying “F*** ’em”?

    I think that this is a wonderful podcast and I commend you for taking the time out to create this product. This podcast addresses several issues which affect the African American/Black youth with raw, unadulterated honesty. As someone who didn’t grow up in this country, it has taken living here, #BlackTwitter and you guys to help me understand many of the roadblocks, stumbling blocks and outright racism experienced by young AAs in this country. For that I thank you because otherwise I’d probably be spouting off some of that “New Black”, “pull up your pants” rhetoric. I also appreciate hearing various perspectives on the same topics. Your ability to sometimes disagree respectfully is to be commended-many people take dissenting opinions as personal offences. One of the things I really like about the discussions is the tidbits of expertise which get thrown in-be it law, science, media relations- to help give the listeners a deeper understanding which we’d otherwise lack.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you all continued success in your personal and collaborative endeavors.

    Congrats on your Nuptials 5/5.

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