Ep. 42: Rachel Dolezale, NBA Finals, and Game of Thrones

night's kingJoin us in this week’s episode as we discuss the Rachel Dolezal controversy, give a (belated, but still fun) discussion and predictions on the NBA Finals, and discuss the Game of Thrones finale!

As always, hit us up at @NWAPcast on Twitter and @nwapcast@gmail.com with feedback, advice, or opinions and please send us your ideas about the show and further Q&As. We’d appreciate it!




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2 responses to “Ep. 42: Rachel Dolezale, NBA Finals, and Game of Thrones

  1. Kellybelle

    Regarding diversity on your show: No! The four of you have amazing chemistry; you don’t need to add anything or anyone. An occasional guest (emphasis on “occasional”) when the topic warrants it is fine, but, to be honest, I prefer your guest-free, woman-free shows (I’m a woman, if that matters). It is so rare to hear young, educated, Black males express their opinions and their affection for each other. I feel that dynamic changes a little when you have guests. If people want to hear another mix, they can start their own damn podcast. Ugh.

  2. niksmit

    I agree with Kellybelle. Also, I think technically you have had a bisexual person on, in the form of Feminista Jones, it’s just that sexuality wasn’t the topic. I do believe the polyamory episode had weaknesses, but that wasn’t it. Like Tunde said, it would be nice to have guests for specific topics that are topic experts/community members. However, I listen to a lot of podcasts and I like about that they each has a specific perspective that they offer me.

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