Ep. 47: Rap Beef, Pell-Grants, and Step-Parenting


imgresApologies for the late entry! We had a technical snafu and wasn’t able to get it out in time, but we promise this episode more than makes up for it. For this week, we tackled Obama giving felons the chance for higher education, the shooting of a Memphis police officer, the importance of writing your own raps, and whether Future should leave Russell Wilson alone.

As always, send any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns to Nwapcast@gmail.Com. Also, we welcome your comments in audio form! Please record any thoughts (under 2 minutes) on our topics or corrections and we’ll air them on our next show!



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One response to “Ep. 47: Rap Beef, Pell-Grants, and Step-Parenting

  1. Smilez_920

    Just a few comments on the some of these subjects ( Love the podcast by the way!!!)
    1) Meek and Drake: Meek team isn’t built for war. It’s not like Ross or anyone else is willing to mess up their relationship with Drake to defend Meek or give Meek more dirt. Also Meek isn’t using the internet to his advantage like Drake. IDK Meek didn’t plan well for this war. Plus it’s hard to diss one of the biggest rappers currently and not be on the same level. When 50 killed Ja Rule he had the music, personality and wittiness to come at a top rapper. Meek idk man it’s so much out there to destroy Drake with but he’s not smart enough to use it.
    2) Future vs Russel Wilson: I don’t think we should judge someone’s parenting based on how many pictures we see of them and their children on the internet. Plenty of celebrities don’t have their children in the spot light. He mentioned in an interview that he didn’t want his children all over the internet, heck he didn’t want him and Ciara wedding to be a reality show, so him not having pictures of his children everywhere doesn’t mean he’s not active in their lives. Maybe he’s mad / acting childish due to his feelings being hurt by people talking about his parenting/ calling him a bad parent. We don’t know how active or not active he is yet the world saw a few pictures and started calling him a deadbeat and saying another celebrity is a “better father”. He has 4 children to take care of financially, like many men work ( financially supporting your kid) comes before quality time (sometimes) unfortunately , especially when 3 out of your 4 baby mama’s aren’t famous and have the same level of financial stability. Trust me if people had responded to those pictures Ciara and Future’s kids the way they reacted to Russel Wilson and Future jr, those baby mothers would have come together like Megatron and destroyed Ciara. Had people tried to call Future’s baby mama’s deadbeats because of a few pictures with Ciara, the mother’s on social media wouldn’t stand for it. Outside of that Future needs to stop being petty have a sit down with all parties so they can be a peaceful blended family.

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