Ep.56 – Lamar Odom and Depression

photoJoin the guys this week as they discuss the trials and tribulations of Lamar Odom as well as a discussion on how each member of the cast has dealt with depression.

As always, send any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns to nwapcast@gmail.Com. Also, we welcome your comments in audio form! Please record any thoughts (under 2 minutes) on our topics or corrections and we’ll air them on our next show!




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3 responses to “Ep.56 – Lamar Odom and Depression

  1. Outstanding episode. I especially loved how each of you shared the outlets you use to stay in balance, or deal with transitions. I truly hope this episode has hoped many people. Thanks for another great episode.

  2. Henry Brooks

    I personally wanted Garfield to know that he’s been an inspiration. I fucked with his book & real goes right blog heavy awhile back. I went to the website recently & the shit tried to hook me w/ single mothers lol. I use to follow him on Twitter awhile back when I had an account & he use to get slandered for failing the bar & being unemployed. Now he’s an associate editor for Abernathy Mag & pursuing his dreams as a Writer. I know I am a complete stranger but I just wanted homie to know that there are ppl out there who have acknowledged his work since 09 til now & seen his growth. Me & plenty of others I’m sure of will be looking forward to his upcoming projects. Sorry for going off on a tangent. Great podcast fellas. Keep it up!!!!

  3. Yo, I’m late on this one b/c the podcast app has a glitch and shuts down when I try to play any ep. from this podcast (#conspiracytheories).

    I’ve also suffered from forms of depression from a number of causes (graduation from college and not knowing what was next, Hurricane Katrina, parents splitting, isolation, unemployment). It can snowball into other things and really damage your confidence in all facets of life.

    Y’all mentioned a lot of strategies I saw help in my case – I also realized how I began to invest more and more energy to the plants around my mom’s house. Two were actually dying b/c of the lack of resources it needed and it’s environment.
    So, waking up to water the plants and rotate them for sunlight gave me purpose to get up for a while and even helped me just focus on the day instead of the week or month. I think plants helped me realize how our bodies and minds connect to the environment and become rooted in those things – thus stemming into deeper depression. The plants, once given the resourced and space to grow had to be given a bigger pot, and moved from the kitchen window to outside in the backyard #ChangeTheEnvironment

    All in all, I believe it’s being proactive with it and engaging it head on. Once again, my bad for the long note, but going through it and seeing my gf go through it pretty much brought it really close to home.

    Keep up the positive work and feel free to shorten if needed.

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