Ep. 66: Snow Days, Flint Crisis, Spelhouse, and the Cleveland Cavs

NWAPcast-logoJoin us on this week’s episode of NWAP: the Snowed In edition! On this episode we discuss the East Coast blizzard, the Flint Water crisis, a Buzzfeed article about sexual assault on Morehouse and Spelman campuses, and the abrupt firing of Cleveland Cavs coach David Blatt.

As always, send any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns to nwapcast@gmail.com. Also, we welcome your comments in audio form! Please record any thoughts (under 2 minutes) on our topics or corrections and we’ll air them on our next show.



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One response to “Ep. 66: Snow Days, Flint Crisis, Spelhouse, and the Cleveland Cavs

  1. Love the show!!! You guys always give the real with a mix of humor which is always appreciated. I want to comment on the Spelhouse segment. I think in order for us to get to a place as a community where we can openly talk about sexual assault, we have to let go of the idea that the indictment of one black man = the indictment of all black men. The underlying theme I noticed in the Spelhouse article is this though that if one student at Morehouse was found guilty of sexual assault that somehow every Morehouse Man would be looked at in a negative light. While I understand the historic context behind this fear of one black man being guilty = society (white gaze) looking at all black men in a negative light; we can’t allow that fear to let us turn a blind eye to the men in our community who are raping, abusing and hurting black men, women and children.

    We have to be more vocal in teaching our sons to call out their male peers when they see them doing BS. When good men speak up against bad men it allows people to not group all men in one category. When good men sit back and don’t vocalize their views against sexual assault and rape it makes it seem as if even the good men who may not participate in those actions; also don’t see an issue with them.

    Society as a whole needs to stop teaching people that sex is something women have to be talked into. Some women want sex some don’t; it’s not your job as a man to talk her/ pressure her into performing just because that’s what you were looking forward to.

    I also think Universities should not be allowed to have students sign away their rights to have law enforcement involved in a formal investigation. If anything schools should want law enforcement to handle the criminal investigation. Maybe Spelhouse should invest in a joint unit that specifically handles sexual assault/rape with help from law enforcement. I also think sexual assault cases should take precedence over anything else.

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