S2:E3 Lauryn Hill, Old Navy, Warren vs. Trump and the running man challenge

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Don’t miss out on this episode as the fellas (minus Fivefifths) discuss Lauryn Hill not showing up to concerts on time and whether or not she is a legend, Old Navy’s twitter message and bigot’s issues with interracial families, the twitter beef between Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump, Smooth_Orator discusses his struggles and rewards from switching careers from law to writing, and the running man craze.

As always, send any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns to nwapcast@gmail.com. Also, we welcome your comments in audio form! Please record any thoughts (under 2 minutes) on our topics or corrections and we’ll air them on our next show.

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One response to “S2:E3 Lauryn Hill, Old Navy, Warren vs. Trump and the running man challenge

  1. I'm just sayin

    I am not part of the Lauryn Hill hive but it is REALLY disrespectful to state that she didn’t write her raps and that doesn’t make her an MC. No. She did write her raps. Wyclef helped her in the beginning and the lyrics that ended up on those fugee albums specifically the score is her raps. On her solo album, writing credit is being hashed out for her R&B songs, not her raps. And to assume that her raps were written by the men around her is super dismissive. You telling me Pras wrote her raps? Wyclef wrote her raps? Lauryn rapped circles around those two. Go back and listen to the Score. Wyclef has stated that he helped Hill develop her style and then she took off. Yes, Wyclef acted as a producer making beats, music, chorus lines, etc. When did being a great MC require you had to produce the beat you are rapping on or the chorus you sing.

    I personally don’t think she is worth going to see in concert today. That doesn’t discount her impact on popular music, hip hop, etc.

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