S2:E6 Edward Nero acquittal, Minority Report software bias, Troy Ave and the NBA Playoffs


In episode six the fellas are joined by a new guest, Arielle (@crzy4agem on Twitter). We discussed Edward Nero being acquitted of all charges in the killing of Freddie Gray. The conversation then turns to software analysis that predicts future criminal behavior is proved to be racially biased. We then discuss the shooting at the T.I. concert and Troy Ave being booked on weapons and attempted murder charges. Lastly, we gave our opinions on the Oklahoma City/Golden State NBA playoff series.

As always, send any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns to nwapcast@gmail.com. Also, we welcome your comments in audio form! Please record any thoughts (under 2 minutes) on our topics or corrections and we’ll air them on our next show.

Listen below:




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2 responses to “S2:E6 Edward Nero acquittal, Minority Report software bias, Troy Ave and the NBA Playoffs

  1. karie93dee

    NWAP comment

    Absolutely amazing. Found this podcast through Tunde’s blog (who needs to get back to blogging 😊). There is such power in the formation of this podcast, I respect all the opinions brought forth. It’s inspiring me to think about the bigger picture, to think outside of myself, my legacy, what I’m leaving behind, what I bring to the world, and how I can contribute/impact the black community. There’s something magnificent about being black and I’m glad NWAP is setting the standard, and representing our community in a positive light and as articulate men of color!!


  2. Aaron Baer

    Where is fife fifths … each of you are so integral … if one is missing the whole chemistry is off …

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