S2:E15 Ryan Lochte, Man Eats His Dad’s Face, Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation, Frank Ocean and More Sex Stories


Join us on this week’s episode with the always on probation @lex_topia. The conversation starts off with Ryan Lochte and the fallout from him lying at the Rio Olympics. We then discuss a man who under the influence killed his parents and ate part of his father’s face off. The conversation then shifts to Nate Parker and his rape trial in 1999 and The Birth of a Nation movie. Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated album is then examined before we delve into a conversation about more sex in story time/barbershop talk.

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One response to “S2:E15 Ryan Lochte, Man Eats His Dad’s Face, Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation, Frank Ocean and More Sex Stories

  1. Great episode guys. I appreciate Smooth Orator trying to be delicate re: false rape accusations, but I think it’s important to note that the number of false accusations are low, and often women who are coerced into recanting are added to that ‘false tally’. (Personally I think it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of the majority, since most rape accusations are true plus many aren’t even reported)

    With that being said, I can say I appreciate you all not joining your voices with some on the TL who make excuses for rapists. Every person has to choose where they draw the line with their own ‘problematic fave’ but there is has always been something especially heartbreaking about seeing black men being unconcerned for the danger black women face. I have had to end friendships because it hurt too much to explain to some male friends that I don’t feel safe sometimes only for them to say something horrific about rape victims needing to ‘take responsibility’. It’s too much to have your heart broken over and over and I’m thankful not to have to hear it from you all.

    Also: I know y’all have Lex on ‘forever probation’ but she’s a dope addition to the podcast. (So stop treating her like a red-headed step child, pls lol)

    Keep up the great work.

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