S3:E25 Advocating for Sexual Pleasure

sexual pleasure
In the season finale (Episode 25), @Smooth_orator, @taut_7, @Lex_topia and @Negroid_android discuss advocating for sexual pleasure. The breakdown of the conversation went as follows:
Asking your partner(s)
  1. How do you ask your partners what they want to receive?
Being explicit about what you want and what you like
  1. How do you convey your needs to your partner
  2. Are there things that you are afraid to try? (Not unwilling, but afraid)
Be scientific about your approach, study your partners
  1. What is something that you have learned about a past partner that helped you ensure their pleasure
  2. What is your go to move?
  3. What are 2 really important things to your sexual pleasure?

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