Four negros. Four opinions. One podcast.

5 responses to “About

  1. OleNerdyBastard, I was wondering if you could give me a link to your comic book? Also, I was going to ask if you all could give some advice for Black Men like me to make small improvements in the black community other then college.

  2. Andrew Roberson

    My name is Andrew. I’m a young black male from Philadelphia dealing with girls, school, Job searching, and trying to avoid being killed. I don’t have a relationship with my dad so I lack views from a male point of view. Listening to you guys every week is great for me to see the world from different eyes at times and get a couple laughs in the process. I think you guys should get some young males on the show ( I’d love to ). Just for a set of different thoughts. Great show. Great guys. Stay blessed.

  3. Tyler

    You guys are awesome. Just started listening to you guys 3 weeks ago and love hearing the opinions of you intelligent, black, woke males. One episode, can you guys talk about HBCUs vs. PWIs. I saw a Twitter debate about it last week, and I really want to hear your opinions.

  4. Listening to your podcast for the first time. I am listening to Episode 55 and wondering if your opinions changed about the suspension of the young 12 year old black adolescent male after you found out that the other young adolescent male who was suspended was white and the little girl was Asian. My first reaction was a lot like yours until I received some additional “facts”. Does yours?

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