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Ep. 4 – Michael Sam, Ann Coulter, PWIs/HBCUs and Domestic Violence

On this week’s podcast @OleNerdyBastard talks about Michael Sam and how he hopes his career is more than just a basketball analogue to Jason Collins, @BrazenlyVirile takes down Ann Coulter for her attack on #BringBackOurGirls, @fivefifths breaks down the PWI vs HBCUs argument, and @RealGoesRight leads a discussion on Solange v Jay Z and how it relates to our perceptions of domestic and family violence.
This week’s Barbershop Talk segment focuses on “The Cut.” If you don’t get it, tune in and you will. Again, please follow us at @NWAPcast on twitter and email us suggestions and material for Barbershop Talk at And if you like us, be sure to follow us and give us a 5-star rating on Stitcher. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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Ep. 3 – F*ck Donald Sterling, #BringBackOurGirls, and Barbershop Talk


This week’s podcast features an extended discussion on the response to the Donald Sterling fiasco, a plea by @Brazenlyvirile to #BringBackOurGirls and rescue the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, a breakdown of the new Big K.R.I.T single “Mt. Olympus” by @fivefifths, and our new “Barbershop talk” segment with an excellent back and forth from @RealGoesRight and @OleNerdyBastard.

Please listen, share and enjoy! We’d enjoy feedback and especially need material for the reader-driven “Barbershop Talk” segment so follow us at our personal handles and follow @NWAPcast on twitter. Please send any suggestions, comments, or topics to And if you like us, be sure to follow us and give us a 5-star rating on Stitcher. Thanks!

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Ep. 2 – The NBA Playoffs, Easter Shootings and Male Feminists


On this week’s podcast @BrazenelyVirile wonders why Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul don’t get levied with the same criticisms Lebron James used to get hit with. @OleNerdyBastard, talks about the shootings in Chicago over Easter Sunday weekend while also letting us in on his plan on how to kill The Hulk. @RealGoesRight admits to being a feminist and openly questions the negative perception of feminism and @FiveFifths tells us yet another story of Michael Jordan being a dastardly human being.




We’re still working on the iTunes thing. For some reason, we got rejected and it’s not exactly clear on how to resubmit the podcast with anything short of changing the RSS feed., which is something we’re not really trying to bother with. Hopefully a peaceful resolution will come soon but until then, please enjoy the options we’ve already set for you. 


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Ep. 1 – Humble Beginnings


Welcome to our very first episode of the show, “Negros With a Podcast.” For our first offering, we decided to kick things off with a casual conversation regarding Outkast’s Coachella performance which, somehow, spun into a conversation regarding rap music in general that involved everybody’s favorite Canadian, Drake. We also tackled the NCAA and their refusal to pay players, Obamacare, the Pew Research study saying Obama  was more “mixed race” than he was black, and some advice we’d offer to the eighteen year old version of ourselves.

If you like the show, hate the show, feel lukewarm about the show, have suggestions or want to leave us comments, feel free to hit the comment box or hit us on Twitter. You can also follow us on Twitter @NWAPcast. Also, be sure to leave us a good rating on iTunes** and Stitcher (Stitcher will be up later and once it’s live I’ll update the blog post). If you’re on Android**, you can download the “Podcast HD” app and you’ll be able to search the podcast by typing in “Negros With A Podcast.”

If you want to talk to the brothers of @NWAPcast I’ve included all of our Twitter info below. Thanks for listening to the podcast, we hope you enjoy!







**Ran into an unexpected snafu with iTunes. We’re working on it. Once it’s fixed, this post will be updated to reflect. Sorry for the inconvenience. 



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