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Ep. 18: Charles Barkley and the New Blacks, Anti-African Ebola Sentiments, Street Harassment, and Lesbian Porn




This week’s episode features @FeministaJones as a special guest podcaster. This week, @fivefifths discusses issues around Charles Barkley and his statements about Black success, @RealGoesRight connects these statements to the “New Black” phenonmenon and a battle between Stacey Dash and Crystal Wright, @BrazenlyVirile discusses recent incidents involving the beating of Senegalese students related to Ebola, @FeministaJones leads an amazing discussion on street harassment involving the recent viral video and the #YouOkSis? campaign. The week’s barbershop talk is about lesbian porn and reactions to different kinds of porn. NSFW.

Do us all a favor and support @FeministaJones buy checking out her book “Push the Button” available here! Make sure to follow her and check out the #YouOkSis? hashtag on twitter to find ways to continue the discussion about street harassment.

Also, look out for our NWAP Negros with Businesses partnership efforts! Hit us up at nwapcast@gmail.com or @NWAPcast on twitter if you’re a business owner or know anyone that would like to be featured in our weekly segment!



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